Five-hour with overnight


The first stop on your jeep tour will be an ancient Nabataean Temple, an impressive ruin featuring 2000 year old Kufic rock art. You will then stop  to the Lawrence's Spring where you will make a short stop to enjoy the incredible landscape of Wadi Rum before moving on to see The Map. After this you'll go to the Small Arch which you can climb to enjoy the view from the top. Next the guide will drive you to the Red Sand Dunes which are huge dunes piled up to a mountain. The next thing you'll go to see is the Ancient Inscriptions. After viewing the inscriptions left by ancient trade caravans you will go to the Lawrence House. From there you'll go to Um Frouth Rock Bridge which you will have a chance to climb as well as the next stop on the trip, the Small Arch. Afterwards you will race across the desert to Khazali Canyon, a canyon filled with water and ancient inscriptions.

Next Phase is the sunset area where you will enjoy watching a sunset in Wadi Rum. After that you will be driven to the camp where you will spend the night. 

The next day after breakfast we'll return you to Rum Village or you can ride a camel back to town. (25 JD per camel).

 Pick up time from the Camep to Wadi Rum village is at  is at 8:00 - 8:30 am. 

 Arriving Late:

If you arrive in Wadi Rum late in the afternoon you can alternatively take your tour the next morning after breakfast 

The price:  
1 Person 80 JD 
2- 4  adults 60 JD per adult 
5-8 adults 55 JD per adult
More than 8 adults 50 JD per adult
Children under 12 years 50%

Children under 2 years free

 If you would like to book this as a private tour, 20 JD extra per person

 The price includes:  

-5 hour jeep tour  with a driver who speaks English

- Overnight stay in the Bedouin Camp

- Bedouin dinner

- Lunch box 

- Sandboarding 


-Bedouin tea and water
- Drive Back from the camp to the Village.  

If you would like to have a tent with private bathroom and shower this costs you 25 JD extra per person.  

Camel Ride Options:

* Sunset Camel Ride: You can enjoy Doing Camel riding during sunset. The price is 40 JD per Camel. The duration is 1 hour.

* Camel ride by the night: You can enjuy doin the Camel ride under the stars by night. It costs 50 JD per camel. The duration is 1 hour. 

* Morning Camel ride from the Camp to Wadi Rum village. It takes about 2 hours on Camels. It costs 25 JD per person.