Our Camp


Wadi Rum Shooting Stars is inside the heart of the protected area of the Wadi Rum desert a valley in southern Jordan. The camp is about 15 km into the sandy oasis away from the Visitor Center and 10 km from Wadi Rum Village where you will find the wadirumshootingstars Camp office.  



We offer a variety of different sized tents so that you are sure to find the accommodation that is right for you. Singles, doubles, triples, quadruple tents, family tents and shared tents are all available. All tents have comfortable beds, pillows, blankets and sheets. All tents have electricity and outlets for charging cameras and cellphones and towels are provided with no extra charge. Our camp also has European-style toilets and showers. If you want to sleep under the wide expanse of the starry night sky you can take your mattress and blankets out to the nearby sand dune. You can watch the colorful sunset from the sand dunes and rock ledges right next to our camp. 





During the colder month we eat dinner sitting  around a crackling  fire in the   communal tent. We have live Bedouin music, Bedouin dancing and tell old stories  passed down for generations. During summer we move the campfire outside to catch the cool desert breeze. We enjoy the entertainment all night while watching the stars. Endless cups of sweet Bedouin tea will be available all evening as this is the Bedouin hospitality. 

About our food

Our traditional Bedouin dinner is cooked the traditional way in the zarb, an underground oven covered in sand. This long cooking process creates delicious strong flavors infused with a smoky tang. Along with the main dish we serve rice, salad, yogurt, bread and soup. We also prepare vegetarian dishes. 

After the meal our fire burns late into the night so that our guests can sit and listen to stories, Bedouin music and dance under the stars of  Wadi Rum.