Wadi Rum Shooting Stars invites you to our home in the stunning desert of Wadi Rum for an unforgettable Bedouin adventure. My name is Attallah Alblwi and my life mission is to share our authentic Bedouin culture with you, our honored guests. As a life-long resident of Wadi Rum my heritage and experience offers a remarkable wealth of knowledge and security for any type of visit you plan with us.

Our team offers the first Bedouin camp that combines an authentic Bedouin experience with luxury accommodations. During your time with us you can enjoy traditional Bedouin music, dancing, ancient storytelling or historical tours of Wadi Rum our ancestral home. 

Our camp is nestled beneath a dramatic rock face and opens to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The camp has free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and a large community tent.  Each authentic goat-wool tent is outfitted with a comfortable mattress, pillow, sheets and thick blankets against the cold desert night. We offer forty tents total comprising of:

   20 comfortable doubles

   10 doubles with a private bathroom

   5 family tents

   5 singles

Our company offers a variety of activities including camel rides, jeep tours, rock scrambling, trekking or even just sitting on the rocks watching the unforgettable sunset.

We are proud of our Bedouin heritage and believe that Wadi Rum's beauty is due to its magical landscape, so we spend more time in the remote areas where no other tourists venture to help you discover the true silence and majesty of the desert.

If you have any questions feel free to explore our website or contact us via the link on our home page. We welcome you to Wadi Rum!